Courses & Workshops

All our classes and workshops are currently held Online. We have an extensive On Demand library as well as weekly live classes on Zoom. Visit our Alchemy Online page for more information and subscription.

As well as our regular on2 salsa classes we have the following courses/subjects available.

Ladies Styling

Body Movement

Introduction to On2


Cha Cha


We periodically host guest international teachers at Alchemy. These are masters of their art whose work we wish to share with our students. Previous guests at Alchemy ...

Nelson Flores & Descarga Latina (New York)

Juan Matos (New York)

Mouaze Konate (Paris)

Alexistyle (Guatemala)

Afro Fusion with Bheki Ndlovu (South Africa)

New to salsa? Visit our Beginners page for information and booking for our Beginners courses.

Please click here to see our regular weekly class timetable.

Every Thursday 7.45-8.30pm 

Level 3+

Drop-in class


Davina's Body Movement class is one of our 'supplementary' classes. It is an on-going drop-in class open to all students Level 3+. You do not have to have any prior body movement experience and you can join the class at any time. This class is pretty unique in that most body movement classes can only be found as one off workshops or at salsa congresses. In order to become competent and natural with body movement, regular practice is required. With this class you just have to turn up and let Davina take you through the drills, your body will learn by repetition and drilling. Shoulder/rib/hip rolls & isolations, body rolls, contra-body movement, afro movement, application of movement to Salsa and Cha Cha steps, are just some of the elements covered on a weekly basis. You will discover muscles you didn't know you had, and then learn to move and control them! This is a class designed to really enhance the quality of your dance movement.



We run blocks of Cha Cha classes periodically. The next dates will be announced in our newsletter/facebook page.

You will also occasionally find Cha Cha footwork in Davina's body movement class.

Cha Cha is directly related to dancing On2 due to the basic step fitting in the same rhythmic groove of the music. Learning to dance Cha Cha will help improve your On2 and understanding on the rhythms. It is also a great dance in its own right for which we often play the music at our socials, and many people fall in love with the Cha Cha groove.


We periodically cover Pachanga in the Body Movement and Shines classes - a fun, smooth and rhythmical element to add to your shines repertoire.