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I feel dizzy just thinking about all the material for learning that I was exposed to, the feeling of growth within the weekend itself, the hours of practice that I have ahead of me with some tangible techniques and the delight and contentment that I have experienced through the weekend! 
Unsurprisingly my fellow students were friendly, keen and made the weekend even more conducive to learn in a safe environment. Simply put Marchant and Davina create the opportunity to step outside our comfort zones where the magic happens....
So grateful to have crossed their paths and to now count myself as a humble follower! Keep the good work...

J Gentilly

Silver 2018

Another incredible bootcamp weekend with Marchant and Davina! I can't rate these weekends highly enough, if you are thinking about attending I guarantee you won't regret it (once your muscles stop aching that is!) I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have M&D as my regular salsa teachers however these weekends are another level. These guys love love love what they do and they make us love it all the more! The teaching is not just impeccable but tailor-made for the specific group in attendance and they deliver every part of the weekend with ease and humour. Its no surprise that people return year after year to take part in these bootcamps, I'll certainly be back next year!

H Bryant

Silver 2018

Where to start? I have been to several of these now and they seem to get better every time. You cannot come away from a weekend like this without having improved your dancing. Marchant and Davina have a justifiable reputation for outstanding teaching but at bootcamps this is concentrated and tailored for the people there. I could do congresses all year but still not get as much as I do from a single one of these weekends. I have to say also for ladies it is a privilege to have Davina impart her wisdom. Many workshops I go to, however good, address most content to the lead. Davina can hone in on how ladies can make their following a better experience for them and their lead, and can give tangible advice on styling which you can actually take onto a social dance floor. Lots of places offer a great fun workshop but moves that are too flamboyant or athletic for the average packed dancefloor so this is invaluable. Added to this is the camaraderie and the fun to be had on these weekends, largely down to Marchants bonkers sense of humour. And of course it is all On2. If you love Cha Cha as I do you also get a good healthy fix of that. At the end of it all I don't just feel my dancing has improved, I feel like I have been away for a whole holiday so consuming is the Alchemy bubble. If I could I would do this every weekend.

S Ward

Silver 2018

The best bootcamp I've ever been to, both in terms of learning and socialising with other dancers. Marchant and Davina concentrate on each dancer, everyone gets tips re what they need to work on. A nice and relaxed atmosphere, its not about learning new moves but about perfecting what we already know, well thought structure including both hard work and pleasure time. My face hurt from laughing so much! Thanks guys!

B Libecki

Gold with Afro 2018

It never ceases to amaze me that something already so good, just keeps getting better! The weekends are fabulous value for money, and held I good hotels with good services, staff, and attitude. The instruction is always of the highest quality, for men, ladies, experienced dancers and relatively less experienced. As someone who has been dancing salsa for many years, and teaching/running my own club for about 16 years, I feel well placed to give an opinion. In my view, every aspiring dancer should attend at least one of these bootcamps. And also teachers will gain much more insight into what they are teaching, how and why, than they are likely to already possess. I still learn (or re-learn) so much, every time. Fabulous!

B Long

Silver 2016

What a weekend! SO much learning and SO much fun. The fabulous instruction given with love and humour is inspiring. Marchant and Davina's generosity in sharing of themselves is something I feel lucky to have experienced. Thank you both. xx

D Flower

Bronze 2016

I love these weekends. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to practice and learn from some of the best salsa teachers in the world. I've flown to the UK three times now specifically for this weekend and will do so again!

E De Vries, Ireland

Silver 2016

To have both of you together teaching from Friday to Sunday is priceless. Its like having a years worth of lessons. It doesn't really matter what level your at or how many years one has been dancing all the boot camps I feel would be of great worth for any dancer. Thank-you to both of you and Davina you are an inspiration on many levels.

D Pickering

Silver 2015

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