Learn to dance salsa with Marchant & Davina in the comfort of your own home. Our monthly subscription package gives you full access to Alchemy Online. We have an extensive ON DEMAND VIDEO LIBRARY of classes for improver to advanced dancers as well as a complete Introduction to On2 course for On1 dancers. You can learn at a time that suits you at your own pace. New tutorials and classes are uploaded regularly.

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We run LIVE & INTERACTIVE ZOOM CLASSES every Tuesday which are free to Alchemy Online subscribers. These classes can also be joined on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The Alchemy Online community is a growing network of dancers. We have a private Facebook group for subscribers where we keep everyone up to date with new online tutorials, have discussion and answer questions.

For Beginners we have a complete Beginners Course that can be bought as a separate package.

For salsa On1 dancers wishing to learn to dance salsa On2, we have a comprehensive Introduction to Salsa On2 course. This is recommended to get the most from our classes, which are all taught On2.



This is the menu of tutorial categories available in our On Demand library. We have a vast range of tutorials of varying lengths whether you have just 5 minutes to dance or would like to train for longer periods of time. You can choose by subject or by your level. We regularly add tutorials to our library.

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We stream Live classes on Zoom  which is available free on most platforms. Zoom gives us the capability to make class a more interactive experience. You will be notified of all LIVE classes in the Members Area of this website and the private Facebook group.

Live zoom classes are every Tuesday (UK time).

  • 7.45-8.30pm Body Movement - Open Level

  • 8.30-9.15pm Shines - Int/Adv


PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - this is your Alchemy support desk! It is exclusive to Alchemy Online subscribers. We will alert you to all new online content here. It is a place to ask us for help with any material we post, and for discussion. Once you have subscribed you can join the group here.

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST of music used in class videos.


with Marchant & Davina Birch

Included in your monthly subscription...


New classes & tutorials uploaded regularly.

This is some of what is available to you On Demand...

80+ Shines & Combos
25+ Partnerwork Combos
25+ Body Movement exercises & combos
20+ Ladies' Styling exercises & combos
20 Turns exercises
10+ Dance Fundamental exercises
8 Music/Musicality tutorials
8+ Cha Cha exercises & combos
6 Pachanga exercises & combos

Introduction to On2 course


Access to LIVE & INTERACTIVE classes on Zoom

Access to Private Facebook Group


Per month




We have a full and comprehensive Beginners Course to introduce you to dancing salsa.

  • 6 lessons

  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn how to do the steps with or without a partner.

  • Learn how to hear the rhythms, find the beat and feel salsa music.

  • Spotify playlist with suggested practice music

You will be learning from two of the best in the business to give you the best foundations in learning salsa.

No need to join our monthly subscription package, you can buy our beginners course for a one-off fee.


For the complete Beginners course.




(UK Time)

7.45-8.30pm - Body Movement - Open level

8.30-9.15pm - Shines Int/Adv

Our live online classes are held every Tuesday on Zoom.

Body Movement

Every class, Davina takes you through a series of Body Movement drills to get individual parts of your body moving and under control. These movements are then built into a short routine using simple footwork.


A fun and interactive class with Marchant. On2 Shines and monthly Cha Cha footwork incorporating interesting arm flow and body movement.


Zoom gives us the capability to make class an interactive experience. For this reason, as well and fairness and transparency, please note we require all participants to have their videos on for class. 

Alchemy Live Zoom classes are free to Alchemy Online subscribers.


DROP-IN - You can opt to do either or both classes. Click the Buy Now button and pay by credit/debit card or Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting login link. 



for On1 Salsa Dancers

On2 refers to a particular timing you can dance salsa. It is connected to the underlying rhythms in salsa music. At Alchemy all our classes are taught On2. Salsa On2 is also widely known as New York Salsa or Mambo. On1 & On2 are both from the 'cross-body' or 'line' style salsa family, so if you already dance On1, learning On2 is just about catching a groove in the music!

In this course Marchant & Davina;

  • Break down the timing and underlying rhythms in salsa music

  • Explain why we dance On2

  • Teach some of the foundation steps and partner work to help you catch the On2 groove. 

  • Give you techniques to convert your moves from On1 to On2.

  • Show you some of the pitfalls you may encounter when switching to On2 and how to correct them.

Marchant and Davina have been teaching salsa On2 for two decades. In that time they have helped thousands of On1 salsa dancers transition to On2. You are in the best of hands to help you learn to dance salsa On2. 

This course is specifically designed for people with salsa dance experience. It is not suitable for beginners, please see our complete Beginners Course if you are new to salsa.

The Intro to On2 course is included in the Alchemy Online membership. Alternatively you can buy the course on it's own below.


For the complete Intro to On2 course.

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