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Truly one of the best things I've done! Being new to an area can always be difficult! I've now been going for around 5 months. Not only do you learn to dance salsa, you also build up a friendship base with likeminded people, naturally your confidence levels increase and you feel like you've become part of something exciting! The social aspect, the dancing and the music is addictive. Step outside your comfort zone and give it a try! I didn't realise how lucky I was to have this on my doorstep!

J Riggall

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Best decision I made in the last couple of years is to learn Salsa. And I am so fortunate to be able to attend Marchant and Davina’s classes in Basingstoke. From no experience they have taken me in a structured but hugely fun way to a point where I enjoy dancing Salsa socially but always want to improve what I do. Put simply make they make Salsa addictive. I’ve made many friends and never felt uncomfortable walking in on my own. And it’s a privilege to have found the place I chose to learn has great karma and is renowned for having the best instructors, attracting students from far and wide. And it’s not just about learning - being able to watch world class professionals when they perform is just awesome.

S Ward

Marchant and Davina are amazing teachers and Salsa Basingstoke is a great place to learn and improve your salsa, cha-cha and body movement and have fun at the same time! I also love the classes because they cover the techniques and fundamentals of dancing salsa to help improve the quality of your salsa dancing. They also offer great opportunities for 1 to 1 time with Marchant and Davina to enable you to get advice and tips on how to improve your dancing.

P Marston

This is such a great salsa school - those of you who live locally don't know how lucky you are! So friendly, encouraging and fun - not to mention the technically excellent teaching that allows you to flourish to the best of your ability. Go do it!

K Tarin

I have danced and learnt salsa all around the world, with most of the top teachers and performers and still find Marchant and Davinas Basingstoke classes without doubt the best, most friendly, fun and fufilling classes there are. With them, it's all about the basics and fundementals. Their classes are all about learning moves and techniques that can be easily transferred to and used in your social dancing. Very highly recommended.

G McTernan

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