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Intro to On2

Introduction To On2
for On1 Salsa Dancers

On2 refers to a particular timing you can dance salsa. It is connected to the underlying rhythms in salsa music. At Alchemy all our classes are taught On2. Salsa On2 is also widely known as New York Salsa or Mambo. On1 & On2 are both from the 'cross-body' or 'line' style salsa family, so if you already dance On1, learning On2 is just about catching a groove in the music!

In this course Marchant & Davina will;

  • Break down the timing and underlying rhythms in salsa music

  • Explain why we dance On2

  • Teach some foundation steps, turns and partner work to help you catch the On2 groove. 

  • Give you techniques to convert your moves from On1 to On2.

  • Show you some of the pitfalls you may encounter when switching to On2 and how to correct them.

Marchant and Davina have been teaching salsa On2 for two decades. In that time they have helped thousands of On1 salsa dancers transition to On2. You are in the best of hands to help you learn to dance salsa On2. 


If you do not already dance On2 this course is essential to joining Alchemy classes either online or in person. Once you understand the rhythm, everything else will make sense!


This course is specifically designed for people with salsa dance experience. It is not suitable for beginners, please see our complete Beginners Course if you are new to salsa.


For the complete Intro to On2 course.

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