Class Levels & Progression



Below is a guideline to our class levels. If you are new to salsa or have a little experience, see our Beginners page for information about courses.


If you are not a beginner...

Cross-body On1 dancers: If you are new to On2 or have not had a tumbao rhythm break-down, you will need an Introduction to On2. We have a weekly Introduction to On2 class for the first weeks of Alchemy Southampton opening. For Basingstoke classes, please contact us if you are an On1 dancer

Cross-body On2 dancers: If you have prior On2 experience please book an induction for your first visit. These are usually held from 7pm. We have found this to be the best method to integrate new students into our school. You will have a brief dance with one of the teachers, they will assign you to the most appropriate level class and give you tips to adapt to our methods and techniques. To book an induction, please email us.

Cuban/Cali or other style salsa dancers: It would be usual to attend our beginners course to learn cross-body techniques and On2 timing.

We have a comprehensive syllabus through all the levels which is designed to give both leaders and followers the best training in dancing salsa. Most classes have both a lead & follow teacher so all students are given the information and guidance they require.

In every level beyond Beginners, it is expected that students can maintain basic salsa timing whilst dancing i.e. coordinating the basic footwork rhythm constantly with the armwork and, most importantly, with the music.

Beginners/Level 1 (6 Week Course)

You will be taught the basic fundamentals of dancing salsa On2 - timing, basic footwork, foundations for partnerwork/leading & following. All you need is a desire to learn salsa, and enthusiasm! Click here for more information & booking.

Level 2 (Drop-In Class)

In this class, you will consolidate your learning from Beginners with the addition of more foundation footwork and partnerwork. You will learn the correct lead/follow of the standard salsa rotations within simple turn patterns (partnerwork sequences).

Level 3 (Drop-In Class)

This is a broad spectrum foundation class where you will learn all the fundamental components of On2 salsa partnerwork and footwork. This is an essential class to understand and develop the techniques necessary for the higher levels. Our aim at this level is to help you develop good technique in footwork, rotations and partner work.

Level 4 & 4/5 (By assessment/invitation only)

To join this class you will need to demonstrate a good practical understanding of the fundamentals of the Alchemy Way of dancing salsa. This should be coupled with lots of social dance experience (freestyle). All students undergo an assessment dance with Marchant & Davina to ascertain if they are ready for the Level 4 or 4/5 class or what specific aspects of your dancing you should work on in order to progress. You will be required to break for shines during partnerwork. It can be brief, but should demonstrate your ability to stay On2 in and out of partnerwork and knowledge of the shines syllabus up to Level 3.




At all levels, students will be approached by the teachers if they feel you are ready to progress to the next level. We have Student Class Progression Guides available at the Academy for your reference. This details all the footwork, rotations and partnerwork required to progress to the next level, and what you will need to demonstrate in an assessment dance. This is your first reference point. Make sure you know everything in the syllabus requirement list and ASK if you need help. Please check the Shines list on the noticeboard and ask a teacher about anything you are unsure of. Your class teachers will be able to advise you on what you need to work on. You are also welcome to book Marchant & Davina for an assessment dance any Academy night, even if to just get feedback on your dancing. 


Remember, rushing through the levels or attending a class above your ability will not make you a better dancer. Enjoy, absorb and take your time over each level.




These are opportunities for students to further their dance education beyond the realms of partnerwork/footwork salsa classes. We have a weekly Body Movement class and periodic special workshops. More information is on our courses/workshops page