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Alchemy Presents

Nelson Flores & Descarga Latina

Nelson & Marchant

Nelson & Marchant

Destiny Garcia

Destiny Garcia

Nelson Flores

Nelson Flores

Devin Flores & Descarga Latina

Devin Flores & Descarga Latina

Nelson Flores

Nelson Flores

Descarga Latina

Descarga Latina

SUNDAY 9th September - Latin Madness Screening

THURSDAY 13th SEPTEMBER - Nelson @ Alchemy Basingstoke

SATURDAY 15th SEPTEMBER - Descarga Latina Workshops & The Alchemy Social

Continuing in our mission to bring our favourite master dancers and teachers to Alchemy, we are delighted to host from Descarga Latina Dance Company, New York the legendary Nelson Flores. Nelson is a master of New York mambo and one of our oldest friends and teachers in salsa. Over the years he has taught us and many of the teachers in the UK and was one of the first people to introduce On2 to the UK. Nelson is one of salsa's best loved personalities with his inimitable comedic approach to teaching, vast knowledge of the dance, creative partner work and extensive On2 shines. This is someone we really wanted to bring to Alchemy so you can get the Nelson experience!

Joining Nelson is one of the leading ladies of Descarga Latina, Destiny Garcia. A beautiful dancer who encapsulates perfectly the strong feminine style of the Descarga Latina women. We just had to get her to teach a styling class for the ladies! We are also delighted to present Nelson's super-talented son Devin Flores. Already one of our favourite dancers from New York, Devin represents the new generation of Descarga Latina.


We have four events for you to experience these aficionados of New York Mambo.






Sunday 9th September - Latin Madness Screening

7pm Carnival Hall, Basingstoke. £5 on the door

Please click 'GOING' on the Facebook event

Ahead of Nelson's visit we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to see one of his masterpieces and experience a slice of latin dance history. Back in the early 2000's, Nelson produced a ground-breaking off-broadway show 'Latin Madness', a spectacle of dance and comedy which chronicled the history of latin dance and featured many of the stars of New York salsa at that time - Descarga Latina, Santo Rico, Tomas Guerrero, Osmar Perrones, Stracey Diaz, Franklin Diaz, Candy Mena, Jay Catalano, Jhesus Aponte, Edie the Salsa Freak and more. The show ran for 3 years in New York and toured to LA, Zurich and NJ.

In an unprecedented move, Latin Madness was also brought to the UK Salsa Congress, one of the worlds biggest congresses at the time. It is hard for us to explain the impact this show had on the salsa world, and just how exciting it was to see so many stars performing in this brilliant production. We are delighted that Nelson has granted us permission to screen the show. 

After costs, all proceeds from the screening will be donated to the Alchemy Fund.

Thursday 13th September @ Alchemy Basingstoke

7.30pm Q&A

8.30-9.30pm Level 2-5 Salsa On2

9.30-11pm Social Dancing

Nelson, Destiny & Devin will be joining us at Alchemy Basingstoke. There will be a Q&A session with Nelson so you can learn about New York salsa direct from this master of mambo. We don't want anyone to miss out on this unique experience so there will no body movement class on this occasion, and ALL salsa classes will be at 8.30pm.

Nelson will also be teaching Marchant & Davina's Level 5 shines & partner work class for Level 5 students only.

The usual class rates apply for the evening: 
Q&A or class £10, Q&A + class £12.
Both include the social.
Usual memberships apply.


Saturday 15th September - Workshops @ Carnival Hall, Basingstoke 

12.30-4.30pm Workshops (schedule below)

There will be a 2 hour afternoon workshop with Nelson, focussing on New York shines. This will be followed by a 1.5 hr ladies styling workshop with the wonderful Destiny Garcia, and a 1 hour men's shines/styling workshop with Devin Flores. The workshops are designed for Intermediate/Advanced dancers (Level 4/5). If you are unsure if the afternoon workshop will be suitable for you, please contact us.

Saturday 15th September - The Alchemy Social @ Carnival Hall, Basingstoke 

8.30pm-2.30am The Alchemy Social

In the evening, Nelson & Destiny will be teaching an Intermediate/Advanced On2 partner work class. Destiny & Devin will be performing during the social. See The Alchemy Social page for full information about the event.

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Latin Madness


Prior to embarking into the world of Latin dance Nelson was involved in the production of comedy shows. As a member of Laff-A-Lot Productions Nelson worked with New York's top stand-up comedians.


In 1991 he met a couple named Evelyn DeLeon and Angel Rodriguez in a club called Side Street where they were dancing On2. He caught the bug and started to learn then from the masters of New York Mambo. In 1994 he started to teach in the city. He quickly moved on to become a dancer in several dance companies: Fuerza Latina, Mario Diaz Dance Revue and the Santo Rico Dance Company.


Nelson's dance company Descarga Latina was founded in 1997, it was originally a breakaway group from Santo Rico. The original members were together for ten solid years and traveled all over the world. Nelson produced an off-broadway show called Latin Madness with Descarga Latina at its core. The creative concepts of Latin Madness were born out of Nelson's love of comedy and Latin dance. The show ran for three years in NY, and toured to the UK, Zurich, LA, and in NJ to sell-out crowds. 


Nelson is one of the Masters of New York Mambo. He has performed with Tito Puente, Tito Nieves, Celia Cruz, Fania All-Stars, India, El Gran Combo, Jose Alberto "El Canario" and various other artists. He has also served as an official Judge for the ESPN World Salsa Competition, the Puerto Rico Salsa Open for four years, and he ran the NYNJ Salsa Festival 2005-2007. Nelson MCs at numerous salsa events including Salsa Fiesta Trinidad & Tobago where he co-presents the theatre shows with Marchant! Currently Nelson is one of the producers of the World Salsa Summit, a prestigious annual competition held in Miami, Florida.


Descarga Latina Workshops

Saturday 15th September 2018

Places on the workshops are limited to 50 people.

The workshops are designed for Intermediate/Advanced dancers (level 4/5).

Workshops are by advance booking only.

There are no refunds for workshop places once purchased.

The workshops cannot purchased individually, only as an afternoon package with or without the evening social.

Entry to The Alchemy Social is discounted when purchased with a workshop combo.

If you do not purchase your Alchemy Social entry at the same time as your workshop place, the usual entry fee applies on the door.

Non-members - please pay below via Paypal, either with your Paypal account or checkout as a guest and use credit/debit card.


Alchemy Members - discounts are available for current Gold/Silver/Bronze/Basic members paying monthly fees by direct debit. Your workshop/social combo fee will be processed via your direct debit mandate. Please click the link in the table below for your workshop registraton.

Workshop Schedule

Book Your Place

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SPONSORS: This Alchemy event is sponsored by The Petfood Kingdom who have 2 branches of their family-run stores in Windlesham, and Hartley Wintney.

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