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Salsa Music & Musicality Workshop with Alexistyle

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@ Carnival Hall, Council Rd, Basingstoke RG21 3DH

Limited to 40 places.

Alchemy is delighted to host a special workshop with a master of salsa music & dance, Alexis Ruiz (Guatemala).  


Workshop content

Musicality fundamentals

Understand the basic rhythms/beats and how to recognise them.

You will learn the basic fundamental beats of the main percussion instruments in Salsa/Mambo, how to recognise them and how to apply them and express them in your dance in a logical and practical way.


Musicality structure

Understand how Salsa/Mambo music is built.

Learn how to breakdown a standard Salsa/Mambo song, How to recognise and dance accordingly to each section and experience a new feeling of confidence while social dancing.

This is a fun, interactive workshop which will deepen your understanding of salsa music and dance.

We have taken part in a musicality workshop with Alexis and thought it so brilliant we just had to bring him to Alchemy! This is an essential workshop for all salsa dancers.

The afternoon workshop is a general level class, suitable for On2 dancers Improver level+ (Alchemy Level 3+)


Following the afternoon workshop will be The Alchemy Social in the evening where Alexis will be teaching an Intermediate/Advanced Salsa On2 partner work class.

If you are unsure if the afternoon workshop will be suitable for you, please contact us.

£25 non-members,  £20 Alchemy Direct Debit members



ABOUT ALEXISTYLE Alexis Ruiz (Guatemala)

Alexis was born and raised in La Antigua, Guatemala and is known worldwide for his unique dance style and extremely good musicality skills. He's a master in Latin dance, and also a well known choreographer, instructor, musician and percussionist. 

The base of Latin dance and music education was at his parents' school "Ritmo Latino Dance Academy", where he started to teach at the age of 13.

He has travelled around the world to study music and various dance forms such as: Afro-Cuban, African dance, Tap, Flamenco, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo-Salsa, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, House, Latin Percussion, African Percussion. Later on he would merged his studies to create his own style as an artist in both solo and couple dancing.

In 1999 he received a degree in Afro-Cuban dances and percussion at "Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba".

In 2000 he moved to Japan where he set up his own dance school and Latin jazz sextet 'Foribale'. He taught and performing throughout East Asia with a great success. He was recognised for his great contribution in promoting the Latin dance, music and culture around the world by one of the greatest Latin dance promoters Mr Albert Torres at the Annual West Coast Salsa Congress 2005.

In 2007 he moved to Oslo, Norway, where he continued with his projects.

After 23 years of career, Alexis continues to explore and improve his abilities both as a teacher, choreographer, dancers and as a music producer. In addition to his vast knowledge of latin dance and music history, he continues participating in many Latin festivals around the world.


Alexis is an amazing blend of passion, creativity, freedom and inspirational a teacher, social dancer, percussionist and performer in a unique way that is reflected in his style 'Alexistyle'.

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