Introduction to On2 Workshop



On2 refers to a particular timing you can dance salsa. All classes at Alchemy Dance Academy are taught On2. Much of what we teach has it's origins in New York salsa which is danced On2.  


This workshop is specifically designed for experienced On1 dancers who wish to join classes at Alchemy Dance Academy. In this session Alchemy teachers will break down the rhythm/timing, explain why we dance On2, and do some basic steps with you to help you catch the On2 groove. 


They will then recommend which level class you should join to practice the timing. Please note this may be below your dance skill level, as it is necessary to dance more within your comfort zone technically whilst learning a new timing. The Level 2 class is held at the same time as the Intro to On2 workshop, so if this is the class you are allocated to you can join the following week. Levels 3+ are immediately following the Intro to On2 workshop at 8.30pm. 

This workshop is for people who dance cross-body style salsa. If you have only learned other styles such as Cuban or Cali, you will need to join a beginners course to learn both On2 timing and cross-body techniques. This class is not for beginners, if you are new to salsa or have little experience please join the next beginners course.

Workshop Fee: £12 (includes a regular On2 class either the same night or the following week depending on your level)



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